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  • LEX3052765

  • Lexmark C546, C734, C736, C746, C748, T650, T652, T654, T656, X546, X548, X651, X652, X654, X656, X734, X736, X738, X746, X748 Swivel Cabinet. Customize Your Lexmark Printer or Multifunction Machine and Optimize Productivity with Genuine Lexmark Accessories.
  • Country: US
Equipment Models Lexmark X748de, Lexmark C546dtn, Lexmark C734dn, Lexmark C734dtn, Lexmark C734n, Lexmark C736dn, Lexmark C736n, Lexmark C736dtn, Lexmark C746dn, Lexmark C746n, Lexmark C748de, Lexmark C748e, Lexmark T650, Lexmark T650dn, Lexmark T650n, Lexmark T652, Lexmark T652dn, Lexmark T652n, Lexmark T652dtn, Lexmark T654, Lexmark T654dn, Lexmark T654dtn, Lexmark T656, Lexmark X546 MFP, Lexmark X548de, Lexmark X548dte, Lexmark X651de MFP, Lexmark X652de MFP, Lexmark X654de MFP, Lexmark X656 MFP, Lexmark X656de, Lexmark X656dte, Lexmark X734de MFP, Lexmark X736de MFP, Lexmark X738de MFP, Lexmark X746de
Product Type Detail Swivel Cabinet